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The First Meeting Info

This campaign starts around the Ironwood area. This is on Greyhawk Map 58 on the east side, center.

If we don’t have enough people in attendance to even attempt a D&D run, we’ll still do something – from painting minis to running some Other RPGs.

Karma Points

Race Information

Large Area Information

Celene: Inhabited by Elves. Generally keep to themselves.

Pomarj: Mainly inhabited by Orcs, but other humanoids are present. The Orcs are highly organized, to a degree far beyond anything in the past. It is assumed that there is a being or beings that have a hand in this recent organization.

Iuz: Horrible Evil.

Ulek: There has been no trade or communication with Ulek for a few years. No one has come from Ulek and no one that has gone to Ulek has returned.

The Sea Of Dust: In ages past a terrible war principally between the Dragonborne and the Tieflings raged on for several centuries. At length a terrible ritual was fashioned, harnessing the most destructive energies. The cost of the ritual, in blood, was formidable, and the resulting devastation left the lands west of the mountains a blasted ashen waste.

Ironwood Area Information


There are many very small hamlets and villages around Ironwood. The people who live in these settlements are very “folksy” and non-trusting of outsiders. The smaller things become the important things to them, and family is of utmost importance. Many of these settlements still have their decisions made by groups of elders who are the respected men and women of the community.

Kron Hills: These hills have typically been inhabited by Dwarves and some Gnomes. Recently, there has been a very large push of Kobolds in the area attacking settlements of any kind. There have been sightings of larger humanoids in small numbers mixed in with the Kobolds, including Orcs, Bugbears, Hobgblins, and even Lizardmen. The town of Rastor has been wiped out by Kobolds and they currently occupy it.

Veluna City: VERY religious area. People come from many leagues for religious training in Veluna. The whole area around Veluna is a no-violence zone. An invisible, protective dome encircles and covers Veluna. No one knows for sure where it came from, although every religion has its own version of its origination.

Castle Hagthar

Northern Dapplewood

Gnarly Forest




Jarl / Orpost / Stone River — The towns of the Iron Wood.

North of Dapplewood

Temton / Kisail


Veluna / Furyondy: These 2 areas are in constant conflict with the conflict based on religious beliefs.


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