First Meeting Info

Today is Wednesday the 3rd and Saturday the 6th is going to be our first meetup day at my house. If you can’t make this Saturday, that’s not a problem. I have an online site where I will post the information that comes from the get-together. More on this later. Address, etc. at the bottom of the email.

Loose Brainstorming Agenda:

  1. Decide on some general information about the world
  2. Figure out specific things on large world areas, such as conflicts, etc
  3. Get a little history down on the above areas.
  4. Focus on the area in which we will start playing:
    1. General government information
    2. Types of inhabitants
    3. Prejudices
    4. Border conflicts / issues with non-humanoids
    5. Geological anomalies, possible supernatural causes
    6. Interesting locales in the region
    7. Histories that can set up adventure hooks
    8. Important NPCs in the area
  5. Characters:
    1. Creation ( if you haven’t created yours, yet )
    2. Relationships to other PCs
    3. History

Unfortunately, I gave away 2 laptops recently so I’ll only have 1 available with the Character Builder on it, unless my wife let’s us use hers. Most likely, she’ll be using it. If needed, I can move another PC into the dining room from the office. I’d prefer not to, though. If any of you have a laptop we can use for the Character Builder, that would be awesome.

I’m hoping to have a large color map of the gaming area by Saturday.

These are the maps we will be using: – specifically, map #58 will be the starting point. The campaign will be starting in the area of Ironwood, the forest on the eastern-middle part of the map. While it’s not necessary that your character be from that area, it would help in that his/her background will have ties with the area. Again, not necessary. Perhaps your character is from Pelgaryn some klics to the east and has interesting information about that are that would coerce a group of adventurers to explore there.

I chose this area for 3 reasons:

  1. Proximity to lots of variances in terrain
  2. Proximity to interesting places that we’ve heard of before.
  3. Proximity to non-good humanoid areas

The “world” will be a mixture of real Greyhawk plus whatever we toss in so we have more choices on what’s going on instead of adhering to what’s been laid down previously in Greyhawk.

The site where our world will be chronicled is Obsidian Portal and the campaign name is “The Razor’s Edge”. No reason for that name, I just had to make one up when I created the campaign site. I’ll be sending invites to all of you to join the site and the campaign. I did run into some wonkiness on the site, but I think it’s going to work out fine for us. You’ll need to create an account and get invited to the campaign. Hopefully the email you get from the site will have all the required information to get your going.

First Meeting Info

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