The Razor's Edge

All The Baron's Men

In another time, back in the day, I would have gathered the group of suspects around the living room and outlined the clues we had discovered, watching their reactions and halfway bluffing my way through to a conclusion, but not in this story.

So many of our clues point to the Mayor as the brains behind the Baron’s assassination, but the clues only point that direction, there is no proof of her complicity.

Last night William correctly made the connection that an assassin may be looking to finish off the Baron’s family allowing the Mayor the opportunity to step into power. We were able to alert the guards just in the nick of time. Brandon, that most insidious dark elf, was successful in killing the assassin, who proved to be another crony to the mayor.

The Baron’s daughter gave the information Bart and Brandon had been seeking, something about a magical flower that grows in the Desert of Desolation in the far west of Greyhawk. From the little they told me it is needed in some ritual. The ritual must be an important one, for Bart repeated over and over that the lives of thousands depended on there mission.

I do not see that I can travel with them. After I watched the elf slay the helpless guard in the basement of Abraham’s Inn, I have accompanied them with trepidation. I had considered accompanying them for a bit. They mentioned that they had travelled with another shifter, and there are so few of us. From what they told me, I believe I may even know him—not the best ambassador for our race.

I have a plan to discuss with the Baroness, my idea is that while the evidence points to her, the clues are sufficient for an arrest and an investigation. I trust that Caruso, the investigator here is quite adept and will learn what there is to be learned. We will take a contingency of guards to the town with a writ of arrest for the Mayor. I suspect that she will refuse. However, I also suspect that many of her soldiers and guards will submit to the law and to the authority granted to us in the writ of arrest.

I actually suspect the mayor will attack us. I shall seek to return her to face justice, but I will not hestitate to defend myself.

When this is over I hope to return to Celene, though I must admit it is very good to see my old friend William. I may travel with him for a while.



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