The Tieflings have always been shunned by all the other races because of their origin. It is rare to even encounter a Tiefling. Most humanoids will go decades without seeing one.

Many unexplained crimes are blamed on Tieflings anytime the opportunity presents itself although it is rare that the blame is correctly applied.

(( I know I’m departing quite a bit from the player’s handbook, but I see Tieflings as VERY similar to the native americans. Brilliant, noble and fierce, but due to their history and the fears of the people, they are forced to remain confined to their own little communities. ))

Tieflings are very close to nature, but in a very ritualistic way. They refer often to the “Great Ancestors” and to other forms of ancestral heritage. They go to untold great lengths to hide their existence from all other “livings” – the humanoids that share their domains. They hide in plain sight most times, traveling in small groups of no more than ten, with a “Cheiftan” as the law, judge, jury and – sometimes – executioner.

With such a small traveling party, any given Tiefling is forced to learn many roles: hunter, gatherer, cook, medic and friend.

Their social skills are many times lacking when – and this is rare – they are discovered, as they do not ever reveal themselves to the “livings.” To do so would mean instant banishment from the tribe. To gain the trust and friendship of a Tiefling is no small task. However, if one does gain a Tiefling’s trust, that trust is not easily broken. They are fiercly loyal, and will fight to the death to anyone they consider their ally.

It is often said that to cross the path of a Tiefling is a sign of bad luck – and for those that cross a Tiefling, it is. But to cross the path of a Tiefling and gain their friendship in the process is a gem rarer and more valuable that any diamond that could be found.


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