Temton is a settlement of mostly Humans, while some Gnomes have set up residency there as well after being run out of their settlements in the mountains. The Human in habitants are deeply religious and monuments are set up in every square of the small town in respect to different deities.

With such strong religious views, the town is in constant turmoil, internally and externally. Being strongly aligned with Veluna and on the border with Furyondy, the neighboring Furyondish city of Kisail is constantly starting battles across the Stone River (from their perspective… Kisail has the same view about Temton.)

To say that Tempton is a peaceful city would be a gross misstatement. Everyone argues about everything. The markets are full of hagglers all barking about the quality of their product (which is questionable, even by thieves standards), and the buyers are all barking back about how a better product is readily available in Kisail (an untruth, and an extreme insult).

They have made a fine art out of arguing, slander and verbal abuse cloaked in fine speech. In fact, to be outright honestly civil in this society would be enough to get you noticed, although not enough to make you an outcast.

The ruling party of the city is the Priests and Clerics. Although the priests and clerics to which deity changes every four years as new leadership in Veluna City replaces their leadership in outlying towns and regions.

While they are generally at a cold war with Furyondy, the cities of Temton and Kisail have recently (and reluctantly) joined forces. Citizens of their respective communities have been vanishing for several months, and many believe that a dark force in the Northern Dapplewood is to blame.

The leadership of Veluna City has issues a reward for information about Northern Dapplewood, and has hired at least three different adventuring groups in the past to investigate it. They have all entered from the west (the direction of Veluna City). None have returned. There is rumor of a fourth adventuring group entering the Dapple wood, this time from the east. Comprised of two Elves, a Dragonborn, a Human and a Halfling, most have laughed at the idea that such diversity could survive, and have written off the rumor as false. “After all,” the Clerics have reasoned, “how could a human possibly work with such vile creatures as Dragonborn? No. It must be a lie.”


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