Stone River

Stone River


This town is on the leading edge of the Iron Wood. As such it – like the other sister towns of the wood – is comprised of many of the nomadic peoples of the Golden Plains. Once the vastly rich resources of the Plains began to dry up, the nomadic cultures moved into the safety of the iron wood. There, they set up camps. While Jarl is the largest, on the direct road to Veluna, Stone River is much more laid back and peaceful. Being comprised of over 70% Elves, the town has a very elven feel to it. The buildings and structures are obviously of elven construction.

Some say that the town was built in a single day by elven magic, but many of the towns leaders would laugh at the notion, pointing to nail marks in the wood. “By our hard work and sweat, this town was built. Is still being built. Now come, let’s have a drink.”


The running class of the town is only marginally better off than the poorest. They all seem to have a common goal which is the survival of the town. While there are a few merchants in the area that like to flaunt their wealth from the rich resources of the Iron Wood, most choose family over business.

They are extremely hospitable here, inviting complete strangers – travelers and adventurers alike – in for a meal, if they look trustworthy.

Current Situation

But don’t let their hospitality fool you. Their guards are archers and are some of the most deadly marksmen in the region. The latest rumors from the sister cities is that the town guards have started to go missing. Some say that monsters and unspeakable horrors from nearby Northern Dapplewood are taking them hostage from their patrols around the city.

To make matters worse, the water that was once the rich source of life that runs through the city – the namesake river – has become tainted. It is undrinkable, and poisonous. Rumor has it that if you drink the water, you will become a monster, killing all of those around you. But reported cases of people drinking the water lead to a very brief illness followed by death.

Stone River

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