Hidden deep in the Iron Wood, the inhabitants of this town are mostly former gypsies and barbarians that used to wander the Golden Plain. When the resources of the plains began to dwindle, they settled in the three cities of the Iron Wood.

Orpost is comprised of 75% mixed-race Humans and Dragonborn – most of which are fighters and barbarians that have settled in the three-city region. The remaining population is 15% Elves, 5% Gnomes and Halflings and 5% … well… everything else. They are a very peaceful settlement that have large, well-trained guards. Crime is nearly unheard-of unless you count the black-market deals of the Stone Hand that are rumored to go on in some of the shops and inns that fall just outside the city gates.

Inside the city, there is peace, and a flourishing inner market. Although, the farmers of the area – usually along the river between Stone River and Celest – are having a very difficult time over the past two years. Their vegetables and plants are dying of unknown causes, or producing product that is already rotten on the vine before it is even ready to be picked. What little that reaches maturity without rotting on the vine is brought to market and sold at a good price. But the shortage threatens to bring the citizens of the entire area to starvation if the trend continues.

Some say that even the Iron Wood itself is beginning to die, although many Iron Loggers of the area refute the claims.

Being on the main road to Veluna City, the church keeps a hand heavily planted in the city government. While the city is run by Council members which in turn is lead by three elected officials: A Veluna Magistrate – appointed by the church in Veluna City; a City Magistrate, rumored to be a pawn of the Stone Hand; and a regional magistrate, who maintains relations with the other two cities of the Iron Wood.

Many in the area believe that the members of the council are merely puppets for either the church, the Stone Hand, or the black market in general. But as long as peace is maintained in such a complete fashion, no one chooses to change it. In recent months, Council members have begun to fear that a shortage of food may upset the fine balance and cause people to suddenly re-think their stand on the situation.


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