Whatever you want is only as far away as Littleborrow, famed for the variety of its wares, its entertainment, and its people… and mostly low ceilings.

Population: 30,000 est. (40% Gnomes, 45% Halflings, 4% Dwarves, 2% Half-elf, 1% Human, 8% Other) Business: Entertainment services. Gambling, dancers, occasional magic show, animal acts, combat recreatement, etc.

The main metropolis of Littleburrow is located deep beneath the ground’s surface. Located under the once ruined city of Glane, the joint effort is nearly complete finishing the rebuilding process of the above ground portion to better accommodate the larger races when visiting. Both of these regions are now collectively known as Littleburrow. Littleburrow has swelled during the kobold push into the Kron Hills with the fleeing gnome refuges now calling this home.

Ruling Party

The city is led by a Central Council, presided over by a First Minister. Council members and the First Minister are selected through a baroque process of power-sharing, deal-making, voting, and traditional rights. All council members and every First Minister, by legislate, have to be Gnome or Halfling origin.

First Minister: His Honor First Minister Rustlereed is eagerly awaiting for an opportunity to complete renovations to the above ground town to increase revenue. Then will begin expansions below the surface to allow easier access to the venues to the ducking, height abundant races. Central Council Members: Mostly consisting of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Notable Organization

Fools of the Sun: One of the stranger groups in Littleburrow is the Fools of the Laugh, a faithless cult devoted to bufoonery, parody, and obscenity. They are allowed to break laws of the state and of decorum, and none may strike a Fool (except another fool).


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