Halflings are very curious, traveling the world mostly in search of knowledge or just to see a new place or culture. Some even get involved in adventuring – the search of profit or treasure in dangerous places – hiring themselves out to groups.

While halflings are not indigenous to this area, there is a good percentage of them in the area. Most of them are upstanding citizens in other cities and towns in the area. There is no single settlement of halflings in the area. Instead, they have chosen to mingle into the societies that they are learning about.

Most of the halflings in the area struggle against the rumors and myths from the region that halflings are scheming, backstabbing thieves, interested in nothing but a quick profit. They server out of the kindness of their hearts and have great compassion on everyone they meet.

There are, however, a select few in the iron wood that relish the stereotype set by local legends. They have ensconced themselves as high-ranking members of the Stone Hand – an underground black-market selling anything and everything, most of which is outlawed by either the local officials or the church.


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