The Dragonborn in our campaign are a proud, ancient race. For the past several thousand years, the race has been in decline as is evidenced by most of their massive cities having crumbled into ruin.

The population of the Dragonborn has been dropping steadily, and is currently just 35% of where it was 2000 years ago. Much of the population decline can be attributed to fewer and fewer Dragonborn children being born each year.

Large, stone buildings near the tops of the highest mountain ranges has been the classic home of the Dragonborn. It’s not atypical for their buildings to be carved out of the mountainsides or mountaintops.

To outsiders, Dragonborn appear to live on the surface in their carved or quarried stone houses. in fact, they do, but for every cubic feet of space the Dragonborn have above ground there are 2 below the surface. These wonderfully carved spaces are never seen by non-Dragonborn and are considered sacred.


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