Babbling Circlet

A fat platinum ring


This platinum ring is wider than a normal ring and appears to have no markings on it.

The ring can be worn one of two ways, either as a finger/toe ring or as a pierced ring. To change the aspect from one type to the other, the owner spends a few minutes in a communicative trance with the ring and “tells” it to change. This can happen only once per 30 days.

When in the finger/toe-ring aspect, the ring is made of magically hardened platinum and is wider than an average ring. There are no visible markings on the ring at most times. The surface bears the marks of artistically hammered platinum. When the ring is in hearing distance of a language it knows or is learning, someone studying the ring will be able to barely notice 4 ears carved in the ring with incredibly thin lines. The ring allows the wearer access to the following languages: draconic, giant, elven, and goblin.

The ring in pierced aspect looks and acts exactly the same as finger/toe ring aspect, but it is slightly smaller in diameter, not as wide, and has a clasp to hold it in place.


This ring was owned by a carney who regularly attends Tyneman’s Fair.

Babbling Circlet

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