William DiHellsong

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William DiHellsong
“My reputation precedes me, much like lightning before thunder.”

Shortly after the conflicts began between Veluna and Furyondy, a few families from Tempton were angry that they were forced to send their boys off to fight in a battle they did not agree with. In response, the families headed north on the Voll River and founded the settlement of Dundoo. The settlement would be lead by a council of the three families who lost children in the battle. Two members from each family would sit on the council with the DiHellsong parents at the head.

Soon, bigotry and resentment fell into the town against the other races. The DiHellsong’s decided and gave the okay to begin test to improve the abilities of the Human race to level the playing field against that of the elves, dwarves, dragon-kin and others.

A couple generations came, and the DiHellsong’s were responsible for a couple modified Human “conditions” such as vampires, werebeasts and other abominations.

William was a fourth generation DiHellsong at the Dundoo Village. Even at a young age he was not interested in the same things the others in the community were. As his mother was a natural mage and his father the head huntsmen, William was fused with two trades. It wasn’t until he was 15 when he really showed his capabilities as a craftsman after he created his Bread Maker and later his Copy Machine.

The Bread Maker:
“It would combine all the ingredients, knead the dough, let it rise and then put it in the oven- all automagically! It works really well. Could even do multiple loafs at once. Why, there was one night when the Automagic Cycler malfunctioned and it made 500 loafs of bread in 6 hours! Well some of the later loafs were a bit off… but that was just because it had to get creative with ingredients.“

The Copy Machine:
“Well… I thought I’d fixed the glitch on the Automagic Cycler… and I had. It’s just that when I tried to increase the copying speed the Cycler burned out which ended with the same effect. It did copy every book in that section of the library though—just into every other book in that section of the library. You should have seen the look on Professor Tylor’s face. It was redder than burning strontium carbonate!”

The next major creation was the furnace repair incident. Hooking up the common room fire (which was also connected to the containment quarters of the modified test subjects) to a delivery system for the entire building would provide the warmth in the cooler months. It seemed to work really well, but over the summer between general wear and occasional minor, disturbances, the fittings became loose. The next winter after applying insulation to the pipes, something got clogged and the building went up in flames. The trapped creatures escaped and William was shunned and disowned by his family.

Broken by the disownment of his family and community, William vowed to make things right. A couple years went by and he finally completed his next creation which would help him eliminate the abominations and earn his family’s forgiveness. William explained his story to his “Wayfaring Arcane Replicant Fabricated for Observation, Reconnaissance, Guarding, Exploration, and Destruction,” or “Warforged” for short, and they headed off to reunite with Dundoo.

Unfortunately, the reunion didn’t last too long. After hearing the first name of one of the people responsible for William’s expulsion, the Warforged snapped and killed everyone nearby. William yelled and pulled him out of it. It explained that “Humans and the other races are weaker species, to be eliminated. That the two of them have started something better.” William just looked at his creation with disappointment, and confused, the humanoid, took off into the woods.

William left town again before anyone else noticed his return. Haunted by the murder of 5 of his townsfolk by his own creation, his own hands, he better learned alchemical creations to ease his pain. Through this process he honed his craft of healing and other benefits as well.

Time spent on the road didn’t last long. Traveling to Veluna City, he met up with a mercenary group and started fighting for the City against Furyondy. Through his talents, and some bad calls by previous leaders, William found himself as Captain of his platoon. Years went by and the fight continued. During an attack near North Dapplewood, they came across a fortified town. Their force, was overwhelmed by William and his men.
Leading a squadron inside the fortress, they entered a room of enchanted mirrors. Demons trapped within the mirrors soon attacked and killed most of the crew. William fought his way into the throne room of the fortress. Inside, after attempting to help himself to the treasure within, a demon dressed in hooded black robes and armed with a flaming sword appeared. The demon announced itself as Asmodeus’ Reaper and explains that William’s evil deeds and that of his family’s have irrevocably damned his soul, and he is now destined for the Nine Hells. After a brief duel, William cried, “I am not yet ready for the Nine Hells!” and leaped out a window into river nearby. Falling to safety, the Reaper snarls and claimed his soul will be with Asmodeus soon enough.

To avoid the damnation of the Ruler of Nine Hells, William took up the way of peace. Eventually he met up with the Coullough family and traveled along with them. In time, they became that of family. William assisted with what he could and provided healing when necessary, but never lifted a sword.

One evening, the family was caught off guard by a band of raiders. They managed to capture the Coullough family. The raiders demanded that William fight them. Holding back on to his peace, they killed the son before him. Nine Hells be damned. “Let Asmodeus have my soul” William said to himself. Outnumbered, the fight should have been easily lost for him, but a hooded figure came out of the woods and assisted in the slaughter of the bandits.

While to check on the safety of the family, he was horrified to see the Coullough parents dead on the snow. Before it could seep in, William, heard a horrific scream from the daughter. Turning, he saw the hooded man dragging her by her hair towards him.

“Humans are weak. I will make you proud, Father” revealing himself as the Warforged creation, as he snapped the neck of the young woman and ran into the woods. William gave chase but could not keep up with the tireless creature. He then turned back to give proper burial to his lost family.

He vowed then and there to kill his creation and any other abomination he came across.
“If I’m going to the Nine Hells, they will arrive before me. One day, bards will tell my tale.”


William DiHellsong

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