The Razor's Edge

The Posse

The Baronness was quite willing to draft the documents as I suggested. So we left as soon as we had rested to return to Garrottin to arrest the mayor. Well, not all of us returned. The evil soul sucking elf decided to return to Veluna as did the Teifling Paladin. William and I remained to finish the job here. Apparently the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few.

The Baroness assigned a contingency of guards to accompany us—only six—and I was expecting that we would need more. Inspector Caruso accompanied us, and was the official leader and spokesperson for the posse. I was very disappointed in the quality of at least some of the guards, and decided to help them by doing some training with then along the way. One of the guards was clearly superior. Her name was Drusana and she hails from the northern mountains. She was handy with a greatsword, and I would think she could clearly hold her own against any man. I talked to her a bit about the desert and she seemed keen on seeing it (No, of course I didn’t spill any of Veluna’s secrets. I know better. Iy was just a casual conversation about exploring the desert.)

When we got to Garrottin, the guards at the castle said that the mayor was gone. My dog barked twice and we told them that we knew they were lying. Blood has a talent for detecting truth, or at least that’s how the story goes. They finally let us in, but then we had to break into the keep. The mayor escaped while we were exploring her chambers in the keep, but we found enough for Caruso to become convinced she was not innocent. She had a whole bunch of wigs and makup and disguises, clearly someone had been disguised as the three main suspects they had planned to frame for the murder of the Baron.

She took off with a couple of guards on horseback and we cut across the lake. One of her guards spilled the beans about her little chateau on the other side of the lake. We actually got there about the time they made it on horseback around the lake. Their horses were tired, ours were fresh, so the chase did not last long.

I had fit a poisoned needle (that the mayor had set into a trap on a door) into an arrow and shot the mayor as she was trying to escape. It took her down and she got sick, of course William was able to keep her from death. I did not really know what the poison would do. It was her own special blend.

Caruso took the mayor back, and we released Martin the Druid from the gaole.

I’m really not sure what to do now. Maybe it’s time to go back to Celene.


Ohhhhh, the pain, the pain!

The Posse

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