The Razor's Edge

New Direction for Eiraes

Eiraes’ Journal…

I haven’t spent much time around the Low Road but even I, a patient elf, was getting bored with the bustle of the area. This last job did leave a sour taste in my mouth, much as the region’s cooking, it was time to leave.

I found the opportunity when we came upon a caravan, Thrymar’s own, being attacked by a rouge band of Orcs. I haven’t seen them this far north in quiet awhile, though these did appear different than the ones I met in the past, how different can an orc really be? Although, every one of the travelers were lost in the raid, one unlucky rouge was found unconscious with the Lord’s coin purse tucked neatly in his vest.

We detained him and questioned his involvement to the attack and the coins, but were quickly lied to. “Payment” he said. Doubtful. I’m sure of his innocence with the attack with the ugly beasts, he seems above that and I don’t really mind the theft, even two weeks normal pay would have hardly been a dent in the ever deep pockets of Thrymar. But after taking the religious broach he carried with him is when it hit me, escort my Halfling friend here to the city of Veluna, an escape from this dreadful area and a chance to see more of the world.

Luckily enough in our travels after stopping at the Fallen Timber Tavern for a meal a woman screamed that her child was taken. No one in the tavern offered to help as fast as I had thought they would. Except Brayden. His heart is bigger than his own little frame? Probably not, but his eagerness for freedom was a beautiful thing. Eventually a fairy tracker from the back corner offered his hand, as a Humans Cleric of Paylor, and a strangely Dragonborn wizard. I knew this would eventually lead towards his permanent escape, but I had planned to let him go before we reached Veluna anyhow, it was a delight to see him swear his obedience to Paylor.

Maybe with the help of Brayden Plaughborn and his escape from shackles, I can escape from the memories of home that keep my mind shackled down here.



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