The Razor's Edge

Innocence All Around

The Mayor of Garrotten, eh? Interesting choice, I must say, interesting choice. I guess I should feel sorry for Arrness, but better her than me, as they say! I can’t imagine there’s enough evidence to convict her. Oh, my little Twiddles, perhaps I can help in that regard! Oh my. What a wonderful opportunity this presents.

That dastardly Tellish. Word on the street is he got himself captured. That leaves two options – he escapes or I have to silence him somehow. Or both! That gives me a spectacular idea. What could be better than an escape of an assassin DURING the trial of an innocent Mayor? Excitement like Restenford hasn’t seen since… since… well, it’s sure been a while. And even MORE exciting if they both happen to die during the ruckus. I know, Twiddles, I’m rambling, but at my age I need to have some excitement even if I create it myself.

And of COURSE I must pay Little Miss Sadista a visit soon. A few more “suggestions” and I believe she’ll be ready for some more serious pushes in the right direction – which pushes ME in the right direction, doesn’t it? Mu-haha. Yes, yes. Not long now. Not long now, at all. I’m sure she will love me over time, even without having to be told to love me.

I do believe those are the evening bells I hear. Time to enjoy some repast and then perhaps give that new boy his first lesson. Don’t wait up, Twiddles, it may be a long, sweet, night.



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