The Razor's Edge

Eiraes' Return

Eiraes stealthily followed a Hobgoblin grunt as he entered the cleverly hidden tunnel, but still keeping a safe distance. The two eventually came to a semi-lit small room with no obvious exits. The Hobgoblin sniffed some more and grumbled something intangible. The beast drew it’s sword and walked through a wall as if it weren’t there and disappeared. One second later there was roar, followed by a man yelling in fear.

Dashing to the stone ‘wall’ Eiraes felt in disbelief as his hand slide right through the rock’s surface. Slowly walking through it, he came to a cave tunnel and saw the Hobgoblin charging at what appeared to be two humans who could barely stand on their own feet. Not wanting to lose an opportunity to find his missing comrades, he made a decision to take this one alive.

In an instance Eiraes vanished and appeared a few feet in front of the speedy Hobgoblin, bringing a startled look to the creature’s face. Sticking his foot out and assisting the attacker to the ground with a quick shove, Eiraes made sure the encounter was over. It put its hands on top of its head, almost as if it’s done this before.

Just then, a club came up over the new found prisoner’s head. Smashing down, the body crumbled beneath it leaving one of the humans standing over it.

“We were prisoners of these damn things. I wasn’t going to let it sit there and weasel out somehow,” He said. How could I argue?

“How does a dead body explain where my friends are? Should I be looking at the blood flow? Or maybe the direction its fingers are pointing?” With that last comment, the three members looked towards its mangled fingers, twisted and broken, pointing in every direction. “Helpful” Eiraes remarked.

They quickly described the party that rescued them, and they were off in the direction they went. Eventually meeting up with them, and setting up camp for the night.



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